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Immigration Lawyer in Kuwait  

Immigration Lawyer in Kuwait  

Different visa kinds have been formed in Kuwait to distinguish between visitor entrance criteria, periods of stay, and purpose of visit. Our immigration lawyer in Kuwait can tell you about the visa details, and the various types available in this country, such as the Kuwait visit visa, residency visa, transit visa, and others.

If you need any information regarding relocation to Kuwait, you are welcome to get in touch with our Kuwaiti lawyers. They will provide you with detailed guidance regarding immigration to Kuwait

Documents for entrance visa in Kuwait

Please see the list of papers necessary for an entry visa in Kuwait below. If you want any further information, simply notify our immigration lawyers in Kuwait, you need:

  • A copy of the sponsor’s civil ID;
  • A copy of the dependent’s passport;
  • Salary certificate from the public sector;
  • A copy of the contract or license for the firm;
  • Copy of verified marriage contract or evidence of kinship document;
  • Copy of work permit to establish civil sector employee’s compensation conditions (must meet the minimum requirement for salary).

Aside from documentation, you may depend on our skilled immigration lawyers in Kuwait if you have any more queries about the entrance visa procedure. They can assist you with legal matters during your migration.

Electronic visa in Kuwait

The Kuwait online tourist visa has made acquiring travel authorization to visit the nation much easier. There is no need to visit an embassy or stand in line at the border to apply for an e-Visa to Kuwait because the application is now done online. Visitors can stay in Kuwait for up to 90 days using an e-Visa. It is straightforward to apply for a Kuwait visa online. Kuwait’s tourist visa application form asks for basic personal and travel information, such as the traveler’s name, address, passport information, and trip plans.

Applicants must fill out the application as completely as possible and fulfill the minimum visa criteria for immigration to Kuwait. A copy of the e-Visa is emailed to the applicant after being accepted. By showing the visa to Kuwaiti border officials, the passenger can enter the country. For further information on this matter, you can get in touch with our lawyer located at our law firm in Kuwait.

Residence visa in Kuwait

A Kuwait residence visa, or iqama, is required for expatriates who are not Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals to live in Kuwait. Kuwait resident visas are divided into work visas, domestic visas, and dependent visas. A sponsor is required for such visas. Suppose an expatriate has lived in Kuwait for a long time and has sufficient financial resources. In that case, he may sponsor his own residence, with or without the ability to work.

A medical certificate of the employee from an embassy-accredited facility is needed. A good behavior certificate is required for several nationalities (sometimes called police clearance). Another series of local medical exams are necessary for Kuwait. A fingerprint certificate will be granted to finish the Kuwait residence visa application. Get in touch with our lawyers can Kuwait for further details regarding a residence visa.

Transit visa in Kuwait

Suppose you are visiting Kuwait and require a transit visa. In that case, you can get one via the Kuwait port authority or its consulate abroad. You have 7 days to utilize that visa before it expires, and you will have to apply for a new one.

For further details about this visa type, you are welcome to interact with our immigration lawyer in Kuwait. He will provide you with comprehensive legal guidance in this matter. The goal of Kuwait’s New Vision 2035 economic development plan is to increase foreign investment, foster the expansion of the private sector, and expand the non-oil economy. This pro-business plan may open up new prospects for foreign investment in the financial, commercial, and IT sectors. As an investor, if you are planning to invest by forming a company in Kuwait, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal.

Visa for visitors in Kuwait

Obtaining a visitor visa implies having a local sponsor, such as an enterprise or relative legally living in Kuwait. A visitor’s visa and passport can be processed and stamped at their local Kuwait embassy before traveling to Kuwait. A Kuwaiti sponsor can use a faxed copy of the visitor’s passport to acquire a visit visa in this country.

Our immigration lawyer in Kuwait can further help you in acquiring a visit visa in this country. 

Visit visa requirements in Kuwait

The following are the conditions for obtaining a Kuwaiti visit visa:

  • The cost of a visit visa to Kuwait is KD3.00;
  • You can only stay in Kuwait for 30 days if you have a Kuwait visit visa;
  • You will be charged KD10.00 per day if you choose to prolong your stay;
  • If your visit visa in Kuwait has expired, you will not be permitted to depart until you have paid the full fine.

You are welcome to contact our immigration lawyer in Kuwait if you want any guidance regarding matters related to relocation. It is recommended to get legal assistance with you if you set out on your migration journey to Kuwait because many people look up to work and settle in this country. So, Kuwaiti authorities have strict regulations regarding visa processes. To avoid any complications in submitting paperwork and application, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyer in Kuwait. He will guide you throughout the procedure of relocation.