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Immigrate to Kuwait

Immigrate to Kuwait

If you want to immigrate to Kuwait, our immigration lawyer can explain the numerous sorts of visas available in this country, including the visit visa, resident visa, transit visa, and others. You are welcome to interact with our law firm in Kuwait if you want any information about your relocation plan. They will supply you with comprehensive information regarding immigration to Kuwait.

 Quick Facts  
 Entry visa requirement (from EU)  (YES/NO)  YES

 Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (YES/NO)


 Types of visas available

– work,

– study,

– transit,

– tourist,

– family, 

– residence 

 Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)  In some cases around 3 days, but the waiting period might prolong for a few weeks. 
 Validity of temporary residence permit

 10 years

 Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

– valid passport for at least 1 year,

– letter of authorization from the sponsor or work contract,

– entry visa, 

– health insurance 

 Institution that verifies Kuwaiti residence permits

General Department of Immigration 

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.) 

 Around 2 months

 Investor Visa availability

 Pending Golden Visa for investors in Kuwait

 Start-up Visa Scheme availability Not available 
 Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO)


 How long does it take to get citizenship in Kuwait?

After living in Kuwait for at least 20 years 

 Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability

Residency by investment program will be implemented in Kuwait. 

 Taxation of foreign citizens

No personal income tax for expats 

 Tax benefits for expats  No social security obligations

Furthermore, our skilled lawyers in Kuwait can also help you if you want to open a company in this country. They will provide you with detailed guidance regarding company regulations and necessary paperwork.

Types of visas in Kuwait

All foreign nationals intending to move to Kuwait for work, education, family reunion, or other purposes must have a valid residence permit, which is issued by Kuwait’s General Department of Residency Affairs. Applications are only accepted by the General Department of Residency Affairs through a local sponsor or by private and public sector companies in Kuwait.

If you want to immigrate to Kuwait, please find below the types of visas available in this country:

  • Visit visa;
  • Transit visa;
  • Residence visa;
  • Electronic visa;
  • Work visa;
  • Study visa;
  • Family visa.

You can choose any above visa type to move to Kuwait. Our immigration lawyers in Kuwait will provide you with detailed legal assistance and practical help if you are relocating here from any country in the world.

Because the procedure regarding immigration to Kuwait may vary depending on your nationality. For instance; if you are a GCC national, you do not need to apply for a visit visa, while other nationals are obliged to get a visa before entering this country. So, you can get in touch with our lawyers and they can assist you with whether you need to apply for a visa or not.

To enter Kuwait, all travelers must get a visa or entrance permission. However, nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member nations are excluded from this provision. They can come and even reside in Kuwait without having to go through any special procedures. The immigration system in Kuwait is based on sponsorship. During their stay in Kuwait, visitors must always be sponsored by a Kuwaiti national or enterprise. Sponsors are responsible for visitors and accountable if they breach any rules. If you are moving to Kuwait, our lawyers can practically assist you in the whole procedure.

Necessary documents for visa application

Please read the list of documents required for an entrance visa below if you are relocating to Kuwait. If you want any further information, notify our Kuwaiti immigration lawyers:

  • A copy of the sponsor’s civil ID;
  • A copy of the dependent’s passport;
  • A copy of the public sector employee’s salary certificate;
  • A copy of the firm’s contract or license;
  • A copy of the verified marriage contract or evidence of kinship document;
  • A copy of the work permit to establish civil sector employee’s compensation conditions (must meet the minimum requirement for salary).

If you have any more questions concerning the entrance visa procedure, you may consult our experienced immigration attorneys. They can help you with legal issues if you are relocating to Kuwait.

Furthermore, you are also welcome to get a consultation from our lawyers in Kuwait regarding matters you need to deal with after relocation, for instance; residency. It does not matter on which visa type you relocate to Kuwait; residency is always a crucial matter. The lawyers located at our law firm in Kuwait can guide you in detail about the residency-related documentation. Besides this, they can also practically assist you in getting residency in Kuwait.

E-visa in Kuwait

The online tourist visa for Kuwait has made gaining travel authorization to this country considerably easier. If you want to immigrate to Kuwait, it is fortunate for you to hear that the application for an e-visa can be completed online, eliminating the need to visit an embassy or wait in line at the border. An e-visa allows visitors to stay in Kuwait for up to 90 days. The process of applying for a Kuwaiti visa online is simple and straightforward. For immigration to Kuwait, you need to provide basic personal and travel details, such as the traveler’s name, address, passport information, and vacation plans, which are requested on the Kuwaiti tourist visa application form.

Applicants must complete the application properly and meet the visa requirements. After being accepted, the applicant receives a copy of the e-visa through email. The traveler can enter Kuwait by showing a visa to Kuwaiti border officers. You can approach our lawyer at our law firm in Kuwait for further information on this visa type. They can assist you if you want to immigrate to Kuwait.

General conditions for visa issuance in Kuwait

If you want to immigrate to Kuwait, and you are over 18 years holding a work visa or family visit visa, you must get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from your respective passport office, and shall compulsorily get it authenticated by the GAD (General Attestation Department). All work visa and family reunion visa candidates above the age of 13 must have a medical examination. For children under the age of 13, a vaccination record from a local doctor is necessary.

To move to Kuwait, you must comply with the above regulations. By complying with the above requirements, you can get your visa without any unnecessary delays. Our immigration lawyers in Kuwait will provide you with comprehensive guidance to help you immigrate to Kuwait.

Conditions for a visit visa in Kuwait

If you are planning to move to Kuwait, the following are the requirements for acquiring a visit visa:

  • A visit visa to Kuwait costs KD3.00;
  • You may only stay in Kuwait for 30 days with a Kuwait visit visa;
  • If you wish to extend your stay, you will be charged KD10.00 each day.

Dependent visas for foreigners with families in Kuwait

Foreign citizens who have obtained residency in Kuwait can apply as sponsors for family members. Thus, they can call their wife and children to Kuwait, especially if they are employed in this country and can prove that they can support their family with the earned income. Here are some important information in this regard:

  • KD 650 should be the minimum salary per month to be able to act as a sponsor.
  • A minimum salary of KD 450 as a public worker in Kuwait is also accepted.
  • The same formalities are followed as in the case of the main candidate’s application for residency in Kuwait.
  • Upon arrival in Kuwait, an entry visa will be provided.
  • The same medical examinations will be observed for family members.

It is good to specify that women cannot act as sponsors for their husbands. In other words, women residing in Kuwait cannot sponsor applications for the residency of their husbands, according to the legislation of this country. On the other hand, sponsorship is valid for children up to 21 years old. Likewise, dependents who are interested in working in Kuwait, once they come as a request from someone already established in this country, must apply for a work visa.

Considering that certain situations can seem quite complex, we recommend specialist help from the very beginning. Our immigration lawyers in Kuwait can give you the assistance you need in this area, so don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or online.

Visa for GCC citizens

Citizens belonging to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC must apply for a visa for Kuwait. This can also be done online, specifying that applications must provide proof of a residence permit from the respective country. And here there are strict rules regarding the citizens who can apply for such a visa. For example, university teachers, judges, diplomatic members, engineers, consultants, lawyers, business managers or owners, press staff, IT specialists, etc. are accepted. Also, those interested in immigrating to Kuwait from GCC countries must prove that they have no entry restrictions in a certain country or active crimes.

Accommodation in Kuwait – What you can choose for you and your family

Compared to accommodations in Europe and the USA, the houses in Kuwait are much more spacious, and obviously, most of them are built in Arabic style. As there are restrictions on the purchase of real estate in Kuwait by foreigners, they can rent without problems. However, as a permanent resident in Kuwait, you can buy a house, if you have sufficient funds and a clear criminal record. Also, there is a restriction on the number of houses bought, respectively only for residential purposes. Foreigners in Kuwait can rent:

  • Villas for about USD 2,300 per month,
  • One or two-bedroom apartments for around USD 750-1,000 per month.

Choosing our immigration lawyers in Kuwait

As the immigration conditions in Kuwait are slightly different compared to other countries of the world, we recommend legal advice and support for those interested in relocation. Our immigration lawyers in Kuwait can help you with the formalities of obtaining an entry visa, residence, and work permit, as well as other documents related to the employing companies, for example. You can thus avoid cases in which applications for obtaining a visa or residence in Kuwait are rejected due to the lack of specific information or documents.

If you want to immigrate to Kuwait, you are welcome to contact our immigration lawyers. It is suggested that you get legal advice before you migrate to Kuwait since many individuals hope to work and reside here. As a result, the Kuwaiti authorities have strict permanent residence requirements. You can get in touch with our immigration lawyers to prevent any issues with your paperwork and application.