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Kuwait’s legal system combines British common law, French civil law, Islamic Sharia law, and Egyptian law. The Kuwaiti Constitution of 1962 establishes an independent judiciary, while Article no. 19 of 1959 (as revised in Article no. 19 of 1990) governs the judiciary’s formation and operation. The Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Penal Code, and the Code of Criminal Procedure, all codified in Article no. 17 of 1960, make up the legal system. On the other hand, Article 2 of the Constitution states that Islamic Sharia is a crucial source of legislation, although it does not require strict adherence to Sharia principles.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our law firm in Kuwait 

Business lawsuits including shareholder and director disagreements as well as contract violations.

Full legal counsel and trial services.

Company formation in Kuwait

Our lawyers in Kuwait provide assistance with incorporation, registration in accordance with the chosen business structure, and obtaining necessary permits and licenses.


Dealing with:

– financial and regulatory issues,

– loan and security paperwork, 

– specialized services for banks and financial service providers


– creating employment contracts,

– laying off workers,

– addressing labor disputes,

– protecting employee data 

International investments in Kuwait

Our lawyers in Kuwait offer full support for branch or franchise purchases, mergers and acquisitions etc.

Tax matters

We help with Kuwait VAT registration and tax compliance.


Complete support throughout the bankruptcy and insolvency processes and help to creditors provided by our lawyers in Kuwait.

Intellectual property

– trademark application,

– help with copyright infringement issues and with other IP rights problems 

Debt recovery services offered by our law firm in Kuwait Debt recovery and further help with initiating the court debt collection proceedings if needed
Real estate issues

– real estate due diligence,

– the sale and acquisition of commercial and residential property for corporate investors, 

– assistance for the transfer of real estate ownership

Residential conveyancing

Legal services offered by our lawyers in Kuwait for persons who buy or sell residential/ commercial property

Individual employment

Legal help for:

– harassment,

– unfair dismissal,

– disciplinary measures, 

– discrimination at workplace

Civil litigation assisted by our experts

Legal guidance and representation in civil law cases

Divorce and family law

– divorce applications,

– child maintenance and custody,

– adoption and surrogacy, including property distribution after divorce 

Immigration to Kuwait

Legal help for obtaining:

– work permit,

– visas including those for investors,

– residence permit extensions,

– Kuwaiti citizenship by naturalization and by descent etc.

As Kuwait’s legal system is a blend of different laws, you are welcome to interact with our Kuwaiti lawyers regarding any matter that requires legal representation.

Our lawyers and debt collectors are known for being trustworthy, competent, and qualified debt collectors in Kuwait. They assist companies and individuals in collecting outstanding receivables. Our linked attorneys and debt collectors in Kuwait recover your debts promptly and efficiently since they have considerable experience managing debts in various sectors. Debt collection becomes much easier when you interact with a respectable and competent collection business that knows about the country’s regulations where the debtor resides. The skilled lawyers located at our law firm in Kuwait can provide excellent service with on-the-ground specialists knowledgeable about debt collection processes and work to guarantee that your funds are correctly recovered.

The economy of Kuwait is one of the key reasons why expats flock to the country. The oil sector is still crucial to the country’s economic prosperity today. In addition, Kuwait’s fast-expanding financial industry and industries such as marketing, sales, and business development provide profitable prospects for foreigners. To enter Kuwait, all travelers require a visa or entrance permission. However, nationals of other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states are excluded from this provision. As a result, they may enter Kuwait and even reside there without going through any processes.

Kuwait has a sponsorship-based immigration system. For immigration to Kuwait, visitors must always be sponsored by a Kuwaiti national or enterprise. Sponsors are responsible for their visitors and are accountable if they break any rules. In the case of expatriate workers, the sponsor is simply the employer in Kuwait. You can get in touch with our experienced immigration lawyers in Kuwait if you want to sponsor any foreigner. Furthermore, the seasoned lawyers at our law firm in Kuwait can also help you in the relocation process.

Keep in mind that, from June 26, 2022, until further notice, Kuwaiti immigration authorities stopped issuing visit visas for family members or visitors. Previously issued visit visas are still valid and can be used to enter the nation. The suspension of visit visas has no impact on commercial visit visas. So, if you are thinking about immigration to Kuwait, please get updated information from our lawyers.

Although a company set up in Kuwait is not simple, many people believe it to be an excellent place to do business because of the economic benefits. The most significant contributors to the country’s economic growth are oil and gas. Other central pillars of Kuwait’s economic growth include the agro-allied business industry, the financial business sector, the real estate business sector, and many more. So, you can get in touch with our lawyers at our law firm in Kuwait if you want to explore the vast business industry of this country. To secure the essential licenses to work in Kuwait, you will need help and assistance. The actions involved in establishing a business in Kuwait might vary based on the sector and kind of firm. Our Kuwaiti lawyers can advise you and assist you in applying for a business license. To start doing business in Kuwait, you may need to apply for extra licenses.

Keep in your mind that Flexible thinking, persistence, and patience are necessary for Kuwait’s challenging business environment. Many exporters and investors in Kuwait deal with issues that are also present in other GCC nations, such as occasionally incompatible policies and a lack of decision-making efficiency. Success in Kuwait depends on careful planning and local lawyers’ legal support. So to execute your plan for company formation in Kuwait, you can get in touch with our lawyers.

Expats can now purchase property, but they must adhere to tight guidelines. For example, they must have never been convicted of any crime in Kuwait. They must demonstrate that they earn enough money in Kuwait to finance the property, and the property must be smaller than 1,000 square meters and used solely for personal purposes. In addition, purchasing real estate in Kuwait does not grant you residence. In reality, you must sell the property if you lose your job and hence your residency in Kuwait. Get in touch with our lawyers in Kuwait if you are interested in buying property in Kuwait.

You can address our lawyers for support in immigration to Kuwait.

Visa costs in Kuwait

If you are looking for legal help to acquire residency in Kuwait, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. They can offer you information as well as all the practical assistance that you need to get residency in this country. The perk of legal help is that you will be able to file the correct documents with the concerned authorities and get your residency without any problem.

Our Kuwaiti lawyers can provide you with comprehensive guidance on the type of visas available in this country. Furthermore, they will also guide you about which visa type is renewable. Please find below the visa costs in Kuwait:

  • An application for a family visit visa costs 3KD;
  • A visit visa to Kuwait is KD3.00, while entry permits are free.

Contact our lawyers in Kuwait without any hesitation if you have any further questions in this regard. There are many other fields also in which our lawyers can provide you with legal representation in Kuwait. Our immigration lawyers in Kuwait are at your service if you want to move here.