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Notary Services in Kuwait 

Notary Services in Kuwait 

A notary, sometimes known as a notary public, can help to establish confidence between the parties to an agreement. If you are seeking to notarize a document, you are welcome to get in touch with our notary public in Kuwait

Which documents need notarization in Kuwait?

The following papers can be drafted, certified, and notarized by our notary lawyers in Kuwait

  • affidavit; 
  • power of attorney;
  • name-change deed;
  • divorce decree;
  • adoption deed;
  • documents that support the formation of a subsidiary or a branch;
  • corporate records such as resolutions, memorandums and articles of association;
  • letters of instructions to banks;
  • authorization for minors traveling with just one parent;
  • attestation of an educational certificate;
  • property papers for usage in other countries;
  • statutory statements to confirm the identity of the director;
  • retirement certificates;
  • authenticated translations;
  • declarations of sponsorship and numerous additional documents.

Our notary public in Kuwait will notarize your documents following the various levels of notarization that other countries demand. Besides this, if you have any document for notarization which is not mentioned above, you are also welcome to get in touch with our specialists in this case. They will provide you with detailed assistance in this matter. 

How our notary lawyers in Kuwait can help you?

The following notarial services are offered by our notary lawyers in Kuwait:

  • witnessing of signatures (please get in touch with one of our staff members for further information on the precise requirements for witnessing signatures, as they may change based on the form you need them to witness);
  • certifying a document copy;
  • authenticating signatures.     

Additionally, you can also get in touch with our notary in Kuwait if you need the notarization of the following documents:

  • commercial documents: Many legal documents needed for business must be notarized. Legalizing your company’s paperwork demonstrates to customers and potential investors that you are serious about growing your company in this country;
  • contracts and agreements: In Kuwait, notarizing contracts and agreements serve a crucial function by confirming the parties’ identities and certifying that the signature is that person’s. Real estate contracts, trusts, debt agreements, and other transactions may call for the services of a notary. In this case, you can consult with our notary public in Kuwait to know whether your contract or agreement needs notarization in this country or not;
  • bank documents: The majority of requests for notarization include signing papers. All signers and any necessary documents must be present for the notarization in every circumstance. The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry requires that you provide a valid ID as well as all pages of the document that has to be notarized.

In Kuwait, our attorneys offer also notary services to assist you in getting the finest outcomes possible for your legal matter. Consult with our knowledgeable notary lawyers in Kuwait to have your documents notarized and they will make the process simple and clear.

Our Kuwaiti lawyers can also help you with other matters that require legal attention in Kuwait. For instance, if your residency permit is about to expire, our lawyers can help you with renewal. Or if you do not know the procedure regarding the application for residency in Kuwait, you can still get help from our lawyers. They will not only describe to you but also practically assist you throughout the procedure.

Why do you need notarization in Kuwait?

Having a reliable Kuwaiti lawyer notarizing your documents can offer an extra layer of security and help you avoid fraud and forgery. Our notary lawyers in Kuwait can help you avoid forged documents by performing their job with due diligence. Our notary in Kuwait can assist you in different situations like:

  • Prevent contract conflicts and litigation by having your legal documents notarized in Kuwait;
  • Many papers are not legally binding until they have been notarized in Kuwait, which increases the document’s legitimacy, so our notary in Kuwait will notarize those papers for you;
  • A document that has been notarized is regarded as self-authenticating. This indicates that it may be used as evidence in court. Such notarization saves your time and you do not need to present an additional witness as a testimony.

Now a document must be notarized in many countries. This is to make sure that the document is authentic and free of fraud. For instance, if you receive a degree certificate for your studies abroad, you will still need to have it certified before your home nation will accept it. The notarization makes such matters easy. So, you are welcome to get in touch with our notary public in Kuwait to get your documents notarized. In addition to this, if you are planning to relocate to Kuwait, our immigration lawyers can also assist you in this procedure.

To carry out your plan of immigration to Kuwait, you should consider getting legal assistance. Because visa-related paperwork might be tricky for you. Some documents should be properly notarized and attested by the concerned authorized individuals. If you need to know which documents you need to notarize before applying for a Kuwaiti visa, you can get help from our lawyers.

Costs for the legalization of business documents for Kuwait

Legal documents used in business must be notarized in the state where they were generated.

Here is a list of costs for the legalization of documents certified by the Arab American Chamber of Commerce, authenticated by the US State Department, and legalized by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington, DC:

  • The service fee is $70;
  • US Department of State fee is $20;
  • The Embassy of Kuwait  fee is $25;
  • US Arab Chamber of Commerce stamp fee is $35.

If need more information about the legalization cost of other documents, you can contact our notary in Kuwait. Our team members will assist you in this matter.  Furthermore, if you are seeking practical help for company formation in Kuwait, you can consult with our lawyers without any hesitation.

If a company does not attract investors, it will not be able to raise capital for its operations. For the growth and development of your firm, you must generate revenue. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the significance of a registration to a firm. This procedure is a must if you wish to hold a position of authority in the market. So, you can consult our lawyers if you need assistance with registration besides opening a company in Kuwait