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Labor Lawyers in Kuwait

Labor Lawyers in Kuwait

It is critical to comprehend Kuwaiti Labor Law if you intend to work or employ workers in this country. It can help you understand your rights and obligations as an employer or an employee. To get the right guidance, you are welcome to contact our Kuwaiti labor lawyers who can assist you with this matter.

Labor lawyers vs. employment lawyers

Although labor lawyers and employment lawyers handle related issues, there are significant distinctions between the two categories of lawyers. Non-unionized companies and employees are represented by employment attorneys. When it comes to nonunion scheduling, overtime, wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and workers’ compensation, they frequently deal with such issues.

Labor lawyers, on the other hand, mostly deal with labor union regulations, which are relevant to both employees and their employers. The majority of labor lawyers base their arguments and legal actions on the existing legislation. They collaborate with clients in education and other fields where there are labor unions. These attorneys are specialists in how union laws and policies affect both employers and union members.

Cases involving the formation of unions, collective bargaining, and talks between unions and management are usually handled by labor attorneys. These lawyers may decide to file lawsuits or demand out-of-court settlements in order to resolve conflicts. In other situations, they might file a lawsuit against the defendant. If you need any related services, you can get in touch with our labor lawyers in Kuwait.

When do you need a labor lawyer in Kuwait?

If you are facing a lawsuit as an employer, typically for mistreatment, illegal overtime, discrimination, dangerous working conditions, or wrongful termination, you might want to speak with our labor lawyers in Kuwait. They can also help if you want to part ways with a problematic union employee.

On the other hand, if you want to launch a case against your company for any type of abuse, consult our Kuwaiti labor lawyers as an employee. They can assist you if you were fired without justification, or if you want to discuss terms when there is a strike.

It does not matter if you are an employee or an employer, you might face situations in which you crucially need a lawyer. So, the services of our Kuwaiti labor lawyers are at your disposal.

Our lawyers in Kuwait can also provide you with legal assistance if you are facing problems regarding residency in Kuwait. Through the implementation of an updated residency law, Kuwait will decrease the number of foreign nationals residing there. You can communicate with our attorneys if you want to be counted among Kuwait’s inhabitants under the new law. They can help you to comply with the new requirements for obtaining Kuwaiti residency.

Overview of labor law in Kuwait 

On August 1st, 1964, the late Shiek Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber issued the Kuwait Labor Law, which was later implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MS&L). Kuwait’s labor laws were established to control employment in the private sector. It provides all pertinent guidelines and requirements that an employee should be aware of before signing a contract. It also offers important instructions and standards that the employer must adhere to in order to confirm that a candidate is a qualified employee and has the proper authorization to work in Kuwait.

The Kuwait Labor Law is subject to several changes, decrees, and omissions. It is important to seek the assistance of a lawyer to understand the regulations of this law. Our Kuwaiti labor lawyers can provide you with regularly updated information. This legal assistance will save you from any troubles whether you are an employer or an employee. Furthermore, you are also welcome to consult our immigration lawyers if you are planning to relocate to this country.

Private sector labor law in Kuwait

The MSAL (The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor) is in charge of implementing labor laws concerning the private sector. This applies to all private sector workers, excluding domestic workers, those on temporary contracts, and those who have worked for less than six months. For more details, you can get in touch with our labor lawyers in Kuwait.

Furthermore, if you are an employer and seeking assistance regarding accounting in Kuwait, you can rely on the services of our accountants.

The unemployment rate in Kuwait

The percentage of the labor force that is unemployed yet and looking for work is referred to as unemployment. Please find below the rate of unemployment in Kuwait:

  • Kuwait’s unemployment rate in 2021 increased from 2020 by 0.18% to 3.71%;
  • The unemployment rate in Kuwait for 2020 was 3.54%, up 1.37% from the previous year;
  • The unemployment rate in Kuwait for 2019 was 2.17%, a 0% increase from the previous year;
  • In 2018, Kuwait’s unemployment rate dropped by 0.03% from 2017 by 2.17 percent.

There are always more chances to get a job done with the assistance of expert lawyers because our local labor lawyers in Kuwait have an in-depth understanding of employment regulations. Contact our Kuwaiti lawyers for their services.

If you want help to start a business in Kuwait, approach our attorneys. With the assistance of our lawyers in Kuwait, any type of business structure can be incorporated. You do not need to worry, whether you want to incorporate a limited liability company, branch, limited share partnership company, holding company, representative trade office, or joint venture, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. They can assist you to open a company in Kuwait as per your choice and requirement. Consult our Kuwaiti lawyers for their incorporation services.