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Immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine

Immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine

According to Kuwaiti immigration regulations, foreign workers must have the appropriate visas and work permits. So, you are required to acquire a visa first if you want to immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine. Furthermore, if you move to Kuwait as an employee, you must have a work permit that is sponsored by a locally regulated and incorporated firm.

You are welcome to get in touch with our Kuwaiti lawyers for any assistance with your relocation plan. They can provide you with comprehensive assistance to help you move to Kuwait from Ukraine

Types of visas in Kuwait

If you are planning on immigration to Kuwait from Ukraine, please find below the set of visas on which you can relocate to this country. For detailed assistance, you can also get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Kuwait. A general guide on Kuwaiti visas is provided below:

  • Tourist visa: This is a short-term visa for individuals who want to move to Kuwait from Ukraine for a short period of time, which can be obtained online or on arrival;
  • Business visa: This visa is for business travelers who have a Kuwaiti sponsor;
  • Work visa: You will need an employer that can apply for a work visa at Kuwait’s Ministry of Labor to obtain a work visa. The Ministry of Interior must approve the permit before you apply for a visa at a Kuwaiti embassy;
  • Family visa: Kuwait family visas are issued to Kuwait residents’ foreign family members;
  • Student visa: This visa can be obtained by students who immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine, and have been accepted into a Kuwaiti institution of higher learning;
  • Transit visa: You can apply for a transit visa in Kuwait either online or at an embassy. A valid visa for the next destination is required, as well as a confirmed onward travel ticket.

If you need information on Kuwaiti visas to immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine, you can avail yourself of our lawyer’s help. The economy of Kuwait is one of the primary reasons why expats relocate there. Today, the country’s economic success is still centered on the oil industry. Oil products make up about half of the GDP and more than 90% of government revenue. Oil price increases in 2011 and early 2012 resulted in considerable increases in government spending and economic growth. Oil wealth has allowed the Kuwaiti government to significantly improve public education and create a robust social security system. As an expat, if you are interested in what kind of benefits you can avail yourself by relocating to Kuwait, get in touch with our lawyers.

Step-by-step guide on relocation to Kuwait

If you want to immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine and stay there permanently, you must need an iqama, or residence permission, to live permanently here. There are various sorts of iqama, which are identified by article numbers in the immigration legislation. Work visas, domestic visas, and dependent visas are the three basic visa types for immigration to Kuwait from Ukraine, all of which require a sponsor. An expatriate may sponsor with his residence, with or without the ability to work, if he/she has resided in Kuwait for a long time and has significant financial resources. If you are planning to relocate to Kuwait from Ukraine as an employee, please find below the general guidelines provided by our immigration attorneys:

  • If the employee lives in Ukraine, the Kuwaiti employer will mail him a copy of the work permit, which the employee will present to the Kuwait embassy for endorsement along with a medical certificate;
  • A copy of the work permit is sent to the Kuwait embassy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Those sponsored by a private firm will need their NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) as well as a copy of the employer’s authorized signature as long as they are registered for commercial purposes;
  • A good conduct certificate from the police, at their previous residence, is necessary (if required);
  • Applicants must also present a medical certificate saying that their overall health is good and that they are not infected with any epidemic diseases.

For any additional information to immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine, you can consult our skilled lawyers. Our immigration lawyers in Kuwait will provide you with practical legal help throughout the relocation process. They can also further assist you if you are planning to apply for Kuwaiti residency. You should keep in mind that female expatriates cannot sponsor their spouses. Sons beyond the age of 21 are also ineligible to be sponsored, while this regulation does not apply to adult daughters or parents. In addition, any dependents who wish to work in Kuwait will require a separate work visa sponsored by a Kuwaiti.

Refugee for Ukrainians in Kuwait

Kuwait has ratified the Global Compacts on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration and on Refugees, as well as a number of other international treaties. War in neighboring nations has primarily prompted forced immigration to Kuwait. Asylum applications have been received from people all around the world in recent years. So, if you are considering relocating to Kuwait while the Ukraine is in the midst of war, our lawyers can help. They may be able to assist you in obtaining asylum in Kuwait. Foreign enterprises may open representative offices in Kuwait and get commercial registration there due to the Foreign Direct Investment Law of 2013. This company type may be established in Kuwait with the help of our lawyers. As a representative trade office is not permitted to participate in any profit-generating activity, this sort of company structure is not appropriate for people seeking financial gain or creating a profit in Kuwait. Only this specific country can be used by the parent firm to promote its business through a representative trade office. Get in touch with our lawyers if you are interested in company formation in Kuwait.

Can you extend your residency in Kuwait?

A maximum of 5 years of residence is allowed. If the sponsor is a government agency, the employee is required by law to cover the residency costs. If the sponsor is a private company, the cost is negotiated between the employee and the sponsor. After the first residence period has elapsed, the expatriate’s residency can be renewed if the expatriate wants to stay with the same sponsor. Renewal is a straightforward process, and the process should begin a month before the existing residence expires.

On renewal, no medical tests are necessary. The employee’s work permit, on the other hand, must first be renewed with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. Once you move to Kuwait from Ukraine, you can interact with our lawyers to apply for residency.

Immigration statistics in Kuwait

Before you immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine, please find below a constant increase in the number of Kuwaiti immigrants:

  • The number of people who entered Kuwait in 2015 was 2,866,136.00, about 53.14 percent higher from 2010;
  • In 2010, Kuwait’s immigration figures were 1,871,537.00, 40.37 percent more compared to 2005;
  • Kuwaiti immigration figures for 2005 was 1,333,327.00, 18.24% rise from 2000.

Contact our immigration lawyers if you have made up your mind to immigrate to Kuwait from Ukraine. You can get detailed legal assistance regarding relocation from our lawyers.

Furthermore, if you are planning about company formation in Kuwait, our lawyer’s legal assistance is at your discretion.