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Citizenship by Descent in Kuwait

Citizenship by Descent in Kuwait

According to the Nationality Law in Kuwait, children with fathers of Kuwaiti origin automatically receive Kuwaiti citizenship. If you want information about citizenship by descent in Kuwait, our lawyers are at your disposal whenever you want. You can also benefit from legal support in this regard, from our immigration lawyers in Kuwait.

What does citizenship by descent mean in Kuwait?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, people born in Kuwait or outside this country, but of a Kuwaiti father, automatically receive the citizenship of the respective father. Here is other information in this regard:

  • People born in Kuwait, to unknown parents, receive Kuwaiti citizenship. In this regard, certain checks are made to be able to demonstrate that the respective persons were born in Kuwait.
  • The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior grants citizenship by descent in Kuwait. Our Kuwaiti lawyers can tell you more on this topic.

The formalities for obtaining citizenship by descent in Kuwait can be explained to you by one of our experts. You can always call on the services offered by our lawyers in Kuwait and make sure that you comply with all the procedures involved.

Interesting facts about citizenship in Kuwait

If things are clear for citizenship by descent in Kuwait, here is some information about Kuwaiti citizenship for foreign citizens:

  • Citizenship in Kuwait is obtained after proof of residency in Kuwait for at least 20 consecutive years or 15 in the case of Arabs from another Arab country.
  • We are asking for information about personal income from lawful sources. The authorities can make certain checks in this regard.
  • Also, those who want to apply for citizenship in Kuwait must have a clear criminal record as well as knowledge of the Arabic language.
  • Citizenship in Kuwait also requires conversion to Islam, if the respective citizen does not have this religion.
  • The Ministry of Interior and its committee of Kuwaiti citizens reserve the right to analyze applications for citizenship through naturalization, according to the Nationality Law.
  • The Kuwaiti authorities are the ones who determine how many foreigners can benefit from citizenship by naturalization in Kuwait.

We advise you to contact our immigration lawyers in Kuwait for more information on how to apply for citizenship by descent or naturalization.

Citizenship in Kuwait under special conditions

Kuwaiti citizenship by Decree can be obtained by people who have provided valuable services to Kuwait, according to the legislation of this country. Also, any person born to a Kuwaiti mother, who resides in Kuwait at least until reaching adulthood and a father of another origin can receive the citizenship of this country.
It is important to specify that foreigners who obtain citizenship in Kuwait do not have the right to vote for 30 years from the date of naturalization.

Some information about immigration to Kuwait

Multiple business options, great standard of living, top education, and health care services are among the reasons why foreign citizens relocate to Kuwait. The data provided by UN Migration highlights the following aspects of immigration to Kuwait:

  • About 70% of the population in Kuwait is made up of immigrants from Arab countries, Africa and Asia.
  • Around 4.499 per 1000 population was the net migration rate in Kuwait in 2022.

We recommend that you get in touch with us if you want to open a company in Kuwait. Our specialists can help you with company formation in Kuwait and the formalities imposed. Contact our law firm in Kuwait if you want to apply for citizenship by descent or naturalization.