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Accountants in Kuwait

Accountants in Kuwait

To avoid any inconsistencies with Kuwait’s regulations, you are recommended to acquire the services of a local accountant in Kuwait for your business. Kuwait holds almost 9% of the world’s oil reserves, making it an excellent location for businesses to establish and grow in numerous sectors. Get in touch with our certified management accountants in Kuwait for assistance.

Payroll and HR services in Kuwait

Our accounting firm in Kuwait gives companies the option to choose our payroll outsourcing and HR solutions to suit their particular needs. As local service providers, our accountants are aware that every business is unique and that there is no universally applicable solution. Our payroll services in Kuwait are customized to your company’s needs, so you will be able to select the solutions that are right for you. Businesses are required by Kuwaiti law to take into account the following payroll and labor regulations:

  • Businesses must register with the Wage Protection System in order to pay all of their employees through local banks. Otherwise, they are not allowed to sponsor skilled workers from other countries;
  • 48 hours are typical work hours/ week;
  • The private sector in Kuwait is subject to the labor rules established by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor, including temporary and domestic employees;
  • An employment agreement must be written in Arabic;
  • Employee compensation shall include: basic pay, required bonuses, commissions, gratuities, incentives, and benefits such as housing allowances;
  • Pay should be distributed to employees at least once every month.

If you need any additional information in this regard, you are welcome to reach out to our certified management accountants in Kuwait. They can provide you with detailed guidance about our services related to HR and payroll in Kuwait. Furthermore, if you need assistance to incorporate your company, you can consult with our Kuwaiti lawyers.

They will not only assist you with company formation in Kuwait but also help you to understand company-related licenses and taxation. In a foreign country, these two are crucial things to comply with, if you want to avoid any possible legal obstacles. So, if you need help with any company-related legal issue, you can consult with our Kuwaiti lawyers. 

How our accountants in Kuwait can help you?

For any kind of accounting services, you are welcome to interact with our accounting firm in Kuwait. You can find below the list of accounting services provided by our certified public accountant (CPA) in Kuwait:

  1. By using our accountant’s financial reporting and systematic analysis services, you may assess your company’s performance across several operational processes;
  2. An advanced internal software at our accounting firm in Kuwait efficiently and affordably handles a large volume of data entry;
  3. Online and cloud accounting services provided by our Kuwaiti certified management accountants enable business owners, small businesses, and even major organizations to stay informed about their current situation while also lowering the cost of high-end technological solutions;
  4. Technology advantages would be offered to your organization via our CPA in Kuwait. Our certified management accountant in Kuwait uses cutting-edge digital technology to enhance a variety of business operations;
  5. You can identify any questionable transactions that might point to fraud, clerical errors, or other problems with the help of our accountants in Kuwait;
  6. The responsibility for keeping your business’s cash flow under control with accounts payable and receivable services. Our CPA in Kuwait streamlines and manages both operations for businesses, resulting in increased revenue;
  7. Our skilled tax team in Kuwait can assist you in becoming tax compliant in Kuwait while also lowering your tax rate. Consequently, the business’s tax wellness increases;
  8. Once your company’s budgets are created, our Kuwaiti accountants can make modifications regularly to help the business manage its budget effectively by employing cash flow forecasting.

If you need any additional accounting services in Kuwait, you can consult with our CPAs in Kuwait. They can guide you about our additional services.

Besides accounting services, if you are facing issues regarding acquiring residency in Kuwait, our lawyers can assist you. Please get in touch with our seasoned lawyers in Kuwait for their assistance. They can guide you in detail about the requirements of obtaining Kuwaiti residency. With their legal help, you will be able to understand the required paperwork that you need to submit.

Taxation in Kuwait

Our chartered accountants in Kuwait can guide you in detail about Kuwaiti taxes because your business needs to comply well with the tax regulations of Kuwait. Please find below general information about taxation in Kuwait:

  • In Kuwait, there are 0% excise taxes;
  • The corporate income tax (CIT) rate is 15%;
  • When assets are sold, capital gains are considered regular business profits and are subject to income tax at the ordinary rate of 15%;
  • According to the Social Security Law, monthly contributions are due from both the employer and the employee. The maximum monthly contribution is 2,750 Kuwaiti dinars (KWD), with the employer contributing 11.5% and the employee contributing 8% of monthly pay.

Contact our chartered accountants in Kuwait for any further assistance. Besides if you are planning to relocate to Kuwait, our immigration lawyers can offer you practical assistance and they can help you if you want to open a company in Kuwait.

The lawyers located at our law firm in Kuwait can offer you comprehensive information and practical assistance in this matter. With their legal services, your immigration to Kuwait can be easier than your thoughts. So, please get in touch with our attorneys and ask relocation-related questions without any hesitation. They will answer all your concerns to your satisfaction.